What To Expect

Listen & Learn

It is imperative we sit down with you to understand your wants and needs. We build trusted relationships with our clients before a website starts because they know we’ve heard their needs and will try everything in our power to over deliver.


Based on your unique situation, we develop a strategy that will leave your website in great shape for years to come. You are an integral part of the process; providing ideas, making decisions and communicating changing needs.


Websites always make us feel something. Whether you’re a serious, clean cut organization or a quirky, fun company, we ensure your website visitors feel what you’re projecting. Don’t settle for function alone.

Real Support

Great service is hard to find- NOT at Modernize My Site. We are very responsive to customer needs because we don’t force them into long term contracts. We fight to keep our clients’ business every month.

Services We Provide

Website Redesign

We breathe new life into your business. If your website isn’t being properly maintained and updated, was never officially completed or just isn’t what you want anymore, we will restore your lost hope. Redesigning your website is usually a catalyst for many other positive changes at your company.


We partner with professional photographers to provide the authoritative look you’re searching for. You may never have considered a photoshoot, but after looking at some of our clients’ websites, it’s clear to see which ones took advantage of looking like experts.

Website Security

Website security is absolutely critical. Just like the best physical security, we offer a layered security approach that protects servers, the network, website code, and those who visit the site.

New Website Design

There’s nothing more exciting than launching a new website. Whether you’ve just started a new venture or you’re finally catching up with the times, make sure to get it right the first time. Many are surprised to know how affordable a high-end website can be nowadays.

Website Hosting

We continue to support your website through ongoing hosting and maintenance. Our packages are very affordable and include updates to dynamic sites that require frequent changes. Let us relieve the stress of having to learn a new language to make website changes.


Writing your own copy is usually a bad idea. Unless you write on a consistent basis, you’re not going to make the best first impression. Our professional writers will handle the arduous process for you.

Logo Design

Like your website, most logos and designs used for marketing or advertising purposes need to be updated every now and then. We lean on expert design partners for more comprehensive rebranding projects and handle smaller graphic design projects in-house.


Many business owners are tired of unresponsive webmasters. We do not force clients into contracts, which forces us to respond and make requested changes very quickly. We fight to keep our clients’ business every month.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will make all the hard work of a new website worthwhile. Without it, you may never get found online. Let’s establish what it will take to gain a competitive edge.

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Many people have simple questions that can be answered quickly.  If you’re hoping for a quote, plan on scheduling a 30 minute meeting.