Nothing will date a website faster than terrible photography. If photos on a website are low resolution, out-of-focus, and terribly lit, people are immediately saying, “Their website is old.”

The good news is that obtaining great photos is not difficult.

Professional Photography

Professional photos are something we almost force on clients. For websites, you don’t necessarily have to get a photographer involved. You can take advantage of professional stock photos from a number of different sources online.

Stock photos don’t always suffice though. Many clients want photos of their people and their stuff strictly.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography isn’t taking pictures of herds of elementary school children. They take great pride in their work and focus on subject matter beyond just people.

Website Photography

We’ve written a blog post about website photography because it’s so critical to website modernization. When you boil it down, commercial photography is a science and must be treated as such. Click the link for more details How Do I Modernize My Website? Part 1 of 5: Website Photos

Not sure if you need a commercial photographer? Consider the photography categories you might need help with:

  • real estate photography
  • fashion photography
  • product photography
  • portrait photography
  • professional headshots
  • fine art photography
  • food photography
  • model photography
  • architecture photography

Who do you know with experience in these areas? If your cousin comes to mind because she owns an expensive camera- just don’t. Hire a true expert.

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