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Watch clicks turn into customers with our traffic-boosting charm!

Your site will feature up to ten professional pages. You’ll get your website text strategically written by a professional to get more traffic and convert users. Additionally, you’ll get professional stock images with all the right licensing to make your site look sharp. Plus, we’ll create a custom mood board, home page mockup, and website page structure to set the perfect vibe for your website’s design and build.

Need to capture leads? No problem! We’ll include a contact form that shoots you an email whenever someone reaches out. You’ll also have access to Google’s tools that track ongoing website performance to see how your website is performing.

And the best part? With our managed WordPress hosting plan, you’ll enjoy ongoing website management, including up to 30 minutes of changes each month at no extra cost. (Just a heads-up, additional fees for hosting apply. Learn more at

Investment: Two Payments of $3497.50

For a total payment of $6995

Here's what you'll get...

*Learn about our Managed WordPress Hosting Plans at

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What's The Investment?

Two Payments of $3497.50

For a total payment of $6995

Have some questions before we get started? Let’s jump on a call! 

Your Web Design Team

Get targeted website traffic that turns clicks into cha-ching

Your site will have up to ten professional pages, with strategically written text to boost traffic and conversions. Enjoy sharp, licensed stock images, a custom mood board, home page mockup, and well-structured pages. Capture leads with an email-notifying contact form and track performance with Google’s tools. Plus, with our managed WordPress hosting plan, you’ll get up to 30 minutes of free monthly changes (additional hosting fees apply). Learn more at

Frequently Asked Questions

The website will be completed in 4-6 weeks after we have received all the assets. 

Yes, we exclusively work in WordPress. 

Yes, you’ll need a domain name (if you don’t already own one.) You’ll also need website hosting. Finally, you’ll need an SSL certificate for security.

We offer these as a one-stop solution for your business. Domain names are around $20.00/year. SSL certificate are $75.00/year. 

We have two dedicated WordPress hosting packages depending on the size of your website. They range between $50-$100/month. This also includes 30 minutes of free updates on your website a month. Learn more at

However, you”ll own your website and can host on your own if you wish. 

Yes, you’ll receive a login and may make changes yourself. As an alternative, many of our clients pay a little extra because they prefer we make the changes for them. We are extremely responsive and make changes within 3 business days. Check out the details at

Yes! We conduct thorough keyword research to ensure we are writing in a way that influences search engines in addition to all the geeky stuff like adding meta descriptions to pages, making sure the page slugs are correct, etc. 

Speed is a crucial factor in user experience and every site needs to be optimized for speed. 

We create many layers of speed optimization for your website such as optimizing each photo and graphic for speed, minifying code, adding a caching plugin to your site, etc. And we test it on the leading performance websites. 

Absolutely! WordPress is a great platform for this type of functionality. You can use one of your pages for a blog or portfolio on your website. Additional fees will apply for e-commerce websites. Contact us to learn more.

Yes, we offer hosting services. They range between $50-$100/month depending on your site and needs. This includes 30 minutes of free updates each month which is perfect for busy business owners!

Learn more at

We sit down with you one-on-one via Zoom at the end of your build week and thoroughly go through each page to ensure you have all the revisions you need. We have a block of three hours scheduled for this. Additional time past the three hours is at an hourly rate of $90.00/hour.

Remember, our goal is to get your website up and going as soon as possible and we’ve worked in the revisions as part of that process. 

Our 10-page website includes search-optimized text for your site. We’ll also work with you to collect photos, logos, etc. 

We have an organized system that helps let you know what assets we need for your site before we get started. You’ll work with our project manager to collect photos, logos, etc. 

That’s great! WordPress is the perfect platform for adding to your site. Adding additional pages to your  website has many benefits including search. Additional fees apply. Contact us for more info.

Especially if you’re a business owner that’s never had an email address associated with your domain, we recommend a more professional email address rather than using some of the free options like Gmail, Yahoo! or AOL.

If you’d like to transition all of your email we work with dedicated IT professional partners we can refer you to.

If downtime is at all a problem and you are happy with your current email service provider, just keep doing business with that provider. There are some drawbacks to migrating your data to different servers and reconfiguring every device to match the new email setup.

However you prefer your email service, we are happy to refer you.

Absolutely! With mobile being one of the most common devices these days having a well-done, professional mobile-friendly website is crucial. 

We inspect the final design for quality assurance on mobile, tablet, and desktop as well as the major internet browsers at the time to make sure your site works without a hitch!

Yes, you can, but photography makes a huge difference on your website. If your photos are blurry, pixelated, or low-resolution we’ll let you know it’s not the best choice for your site. We will most likely use a mix of your photos and stock photos to give it a professional look.

However, we highly recommend hiring a photographer. If you look at our clients’ websites, you’ll quickly see the difference between someone who insisted on using their own images and someone who trusted us to do it right.  If you’re paying for a professional, high-end website, take advantage of one of our photographers or the millions of stock images we have access to. You won’t regret it.

Security is like an onion. It requires different layers of security protocols:

  • Physical security of the data center to deter people from physically accessing servers
  • Network security to prevent hackers from accessing servers through the network
  • A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate prevent hackers from stealing sensitive information from people submitting data through your website
  • …and more

Yes! We partner with incredible branding designers in a range of price points to fit your needs as a business owner. Contact us to learn more.

This is an important question and one we take seriously. We’ve established a robust process over the years with several check-in points to talk about what your needs are for a site, who you are catering towards, and what design styles you like. 

Rest assured, with so many check-in points it would be hard to go wrong. It all comes down to communication and we believe the more the better. You work hard and deserve a site you can be proud of. 

Yes, we offer hosting services. They range between $50-$100/month depending on your site and needs. This includes 30 minutes of free updates each month which is perfect for busy business owners!

Learn more at

Give us a call. We actually like answering the phone.

All Website Packages

"Small But Mighty!"
One-Page Website
  • One-Page custom-designed WordPress website with up to six individual sections delivered to you in a week
"Movin' On Up"
One-Week Website
  • Up to five-page custom-designed, comprehensive WordPress website delivered to you in a week
"Big Kahuna"
Value-Packed Website
  • Up to ten-page custom-designed, comprehensive WordPress website. Great for growing companies!