A great copywriter is a godsend. We always recommend that if you’re not a great writer, do not attempt the feat of writing copy for your website. It will stall a website project faster than anything else. Most clients who try to save money end up calling us months later, begging that we we send a copywriter ASAP.

Content Writing

Content writing is a grueling task. To do it well, you must learn to adopt the fundamentals. The fundamentals include very specific page configuration, titles, keywords, etc. All of which mean the difference between a website that gets eyeballs to it frequently, or just a place for someone to wax eloquent about how they feel. Which is a great segue to the next subject.

Blog Writing

Effective blog writing needs to include the fundamentals as well. When someone comes to us us with the idea that, “I just want a blog page. A place to share my ideas.”

We respond with the question, “Do you want people to find it?”

It’s great that you’d like to influence people with your thoughts, but do they matter if you can only share those thoughts with people who have your domain name memorized? Don’t start off on the wrong foot by avoiding the fundamentals of online writing.

Online Writing for Humans

Online writing needs to include a unique style and flavor consistent with a company’s culture, but it’s important readers feel a sense of connection. Like they’re personally being spoken to.

Far too often, websites are so focused on “brand” that they lose readers. They use industry nomenclature far beyond the average reader. They don’t explain things that quickly make sense. They need to show off their vocabulary instead of remaining practical. Overall, their websites look and feel very clinical.

What does your market need to hear?

How do you communicate those concepts with a 10 year old?

Learn more about writing great copy at our blog: How Do I Modernize My Website? Part 2 of 5: Basic Website Structure

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