Website Redesign

Ready for a website redesign? Many business owners understand the importance of having at least a minimal online presence.  As they launch their companies, they often stumble through the process of learning how to piece together a simple website.  They end up with something that appears only when visitors type in their domain (website name) perfectly. They usually struggle to show up on or toward the top of the first page when someone searches for them by company name.

More frequently, business owners delegate well and have a friend or family member build the first version of the website at little or no cost.  They may even pay with food or strong drink. While a starter website is a great way to save money at first, growing businesses find themselves in a bit of a pickle when a website doesn’t serve basic functions beyond displaying a website on a business card or work truck.

Our website redesign service often requires a restructuring.  Whether for visual purposes, to get found more frequently online, to add additional functionality, or all three.

Reasons for a Website Redesign:

  • When visitors mention it “looks old”
  • When it looks bad on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets
  • When it does not dominate the top of the search engine results page when being searched for by name
  • When it doesn’t perform critical revenue generating functions
  • When it doesn’t perform basic functions that make the business more efficient

Website Modernization Blog

We’ve written about website modernization extensively. Check out our blog posts on the subject:

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