Website Redesign: Request for Proposal

Do you have a website but no one seems to find it?

Do you want a fresh look for an old website that is showing its age?

Have issues with load times or crashes on your current website?

Modernize My Site can help you with website project quotes that fit your small business needs. Whether you’re looking for a quote for web development or a total redesign, Modernize My Site would love to help you realize your dream website redesign.

When you choose MMS as your development partner, we are there at every step of the process with no surprises or hidden costs. We’ll help you communicate your vision from day 1 to get an accurate quote for the perfect website development or redesign.

Key Takeaways for your web development project:

  • A website redesign requires careful evaluation of the need for an update. Some factors to consider include:

    • User Experience: UX engages potential clients and customers so your website makes the best first impression for you or your business.

    • Site Performance across Devices: Nothing screams amateur more than a site that was never set up to be viewed on a variety of screens. A majority of your potential customers will view your website on a mobile or tablet screen, and a bad first impression might become your last chance to impress them.

    • Relevance of the Design to Meet Business Objectives: Your website is the online storefront for your business. MMS will make sure your website design works as an information hub and sales funnel to help you build your business.

  • Choosing the right web design agency is crucial, and Modernize My Site has a fantastic track record based on excellent customer care and customer service, an impressive and diverse portfolio, and the ability to understand and align with your business goals, without losing focus on SEO.

  • Effective website redesign involves a clear definition of needs and expectations, understanding a realistic budget and timeline, and avoiding common mistakes that prematurely date your website or kill your SEO.

Does your website need a redesign?

A website with outdated design and slow loading times

The decision to update your website can be a huge trust fall. An effective website redesign requires an investment of time, resources, and funds, but putting off an update for too long can lead to disaster. As the digital front door to your business, your website design should be current and up to or above the standards of your competitors. Studies show that most newer consumers make most of their retail and service decisions based on online presence, making your website the most important storefront you own.

Signs your website needs a redesign

Crashes, broken links, long loading times, and terrible user experience are all signs that your website needs a redesign. With constant updates to SEO standards for search engines like Google, you can struggle with being found online and with keeping customers interested and happy enough to achieve high conversion rates. Nothing drives new customers away more quickly than a website that doesn’t load quickly or function well on all devices, and outdated design can damage your credibility with new customers. Modernize My Site blends your aesthetic project goals with the technical expertise necessary to build the perfect website.

Finding the right company for your website redesign

Finding the right company for your website redesign is very important. Modernize My Site is a web development company with a proven track record, solid portfolio, and a collaborative approach that keeps our customer satisfaction ratings high.

We understand your needs and work with you to deliver a website in line with your business goals. Building a website that reflects your brand while keeping you ahead of the current best practices for search engine optimization. If you want to work with one of the best web design agencies for website development and redesign, Modernize My Site is the right web design agency for you.

What to expect from your Website Redesign

Defining website goals and project scope

A clear understanding of what the redesign process entails is vital when beginning a website overhaul. From defining your needs and expectations to setting a realistic budget and timeline, each step requires careful consideration and planning.

Define Your Needs and Expectations

It’s important to have a clear definition of your needs and expectations before initiating a website redesign project. Addressing these questions early will help ensure the success of your redesign process. Some important questions to consider include:

  1. What are the objectives that you want your new website to accomplish?

  2. What specific goals and outcomes do you hope to achieve with your website?

  3. Who is your target audience, and what features will they find valuable or expect?

  4. Are there any special requirements or additions that may need to be factored into the budget or timeline?

Set a Realistic Budget and Timeline

Establishing a realistic budget and project timeline ensures everyone is on the same page for your web design project. The budget should reflect the complexity of your project and the expertise required to execute it. Give us a call for an accurate and customizable estimate of your project or contact us now. The size and scope of your business and project should be considered when determining the timeline, accounting for all steps of development from initial design to final testing and launch.

How to Request a Website Redesign

Request for proposal process for website redesign

Once you’ve decided that your website needs a redesign and have defined your needs, expectations, budget, and timeline, the next step is to request a website redesign. Contact us now to get a quote. From there you can set up an in-person or video conference consultation with our design team where we will get to know you and your business personally, including information about your industry, competitors, customer base, and location.

Why you should choose Modernize My Site

We know the decision of which web development company to entrust with your website redesign is personal and deeply important. Experience, technical expertise, and a commitment to delivering high-quality results are all important factors to consider for your digital storefront.

Modernize My Site offers all this and more. We pride ourselves on above-standard customer service, a love for talking face-to-face with our clients, a proven track record of success, a team of skilled professionals, a portfolio full of damn sexy websites, and an individualized approach to modern web design. Modernize My Site wants to help you build the website of your dreams, and we hope we will be your choice for your website redesign project. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a website design?

When requesting a website design, Modernize My Site meets with you to provide a detailed description of your requirements and needs for your project. We use an ala carte list and customize it to better fit your needs and expectations! Need help? Contact us now.

What is a website redesign proposal?

A website redesign proposal is a formal document outlining the plan to update and enhance a website’s overall appearance, functionality, and user experience. It typically includes a problem statement, proposed solution, and estimated time and budget needed for the project. Ready to get started? 

How do I know if my website needs a redesign?

Hopefully, by now we’ve already answered this for you. TLDR: If your website has poor user experience, low conversion rates, outdated design, or slow loading times, it may be time for a redesign. Want our design professionals to assess your current website? Contact us now.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Web Redesigns

Website redesigns can be complex and challenging. Making sure you understand the common mistakes that businesses often make during the website design RFP process can help you avoid them.

Set realistic expectations for the time and effort involved in creating and executing a good web design RFP.

Never underestimate the importance of clear communication.

Make sure you use a company with excellent communication and project management.

Ignoring any of these factors can lead to a frustrating or unsuccessful redesign. Working with Modernize My Site takes the stress out of your redesign with an established website RFP process that keeps you in the loop every step of the way from website RFP template to launch.


A website redesign can breathe new life into your online presence and help align it with your current business goals. Identifying the need for a redesign, defining your needs and expectations, and setting a realistic budget and timeline are all crucial steps in the process. Contact Modernize My Site now.


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