Website Security

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Website Security

Hackers are constantly trying to take over websites or steal information from them. It is a never ending struggle to keep up with their incessant attempts. We take website security very, very seriously and require clients pay for a minimum level of security throughout their websites.

Security Testing

Security testing a website can provide a view into what should be mitigated. Ultimately, improvement suggestions fall into one of two categories 1) outdated code 2) visitor data is not being secured.

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Website Security Check

Is your website safe? Run a website security check through Gravityscan and they’ll spit out results about how bad things are. Click here and plug your domain name in:

Website Security Certificate

One of the security features we demand is an SSL Certificate (secure sockets layer). It’s critical for locking down visitors’ information. As they submit information through a form on your site, it will help to prevent hackers from stealing it. Without it, Google might very well flag your website Not Secure or send users to a bright red page that says “This site may be hacked.” We talk about this is our blog post How Do I Modernize My Website? Part 2 of 5: Basic Website Structure

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Got Hacked?

If your website’s been hacked, you need to take it very seriously. Nowadays, hacked websites are most commonly being turned into Chinese e commerce sites selling black market sports apparel, or porn sites charging subscription fees.

Can you image a website catering to families that is suddenly turned into a porn site? It’s a worst case scenario, but we’ve actually fixed this problem before. Their hosting company likely made the username and password for the website far too easy for hackers to guess.

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