Search engine optimization is an elusive subject, even for experts in the field. Search behaviors, varying devices, and the algorithms which decide how website pages appear in search engine results all contribute to the complexity of the ever evolving practice of SEO.

If you’re not an expert, trust us when we say, “You don’t understand SEO.”

We say this only from experience. As soon as we think we’ve grasped the full magnitude of SEO, the rules change and what was applicable six months ago may no longer work.    

Our SEO Services

The emphasis of our SEO Services is around solid website structure. We make strong suggestions for page names and titles based on search behavior, provide a list of keywords that should be used throughout the site, and round it out with our copywriting service to implement suggested SEO best practices. We also do some heavy lifting in the code throughout the website to keep search engines happy.

Once a website is launched, we offer a couple of extraneous low cost services that will help your website get found more frequently in search engines.

The “SEO” services we do not provide

The search engine optimization industry has devolved into an aggressive money grab of snake oil salesman looking to scare business owners into high monthly premiums. Because of this, we are extremely picky about the specialized SEO firms we recommend clients to. But do not misunderstand, assistance from an analytical SEO firm can mean the difference between a competitive edge, or losing eyeballs to your website altogether. Working with a reputable SEO company can result in massive growth, but as a business owner or manager, you must plan for substantial online marketing budget.

We do not:

  • Run Facebook ad campaigns
  • Run Google ad campaigns
  • Manage sales funnels (though we do build out the assets)
  • Provide social media management services
  • Track leads

We are not a digital marketing firm. We do not want to be all things to all people, but we do build websites with great bones that include fundamental SEO tactics.

Website Traffic

A website can possess all the right SEO attributes, but struggle to compete for the kind of web traffic that will make a difference. Especially in competitive industries like roofing, insurance, HVAC, and cosmetic surgery, you will not beat your competitors with great structure alone.  You will have to hire an SEO firm who dedicates many man hours to search behavior, competitive analysis, and identifying areas your budget can best be spent. In many cases, without the right budget, you have no hope of beating out the competition.

Google Ranking

Many SEO companies promise, “Google ranking in the first page!”

Buyer beware!

Which search terms does your website appear for?

Will said terms result in converted leads, or just a spot in a Google search engine results page (SERP)?

Will you appear in the top three results, or just some arbitrary place on the first page- like 15th?!

Getting a website ranking for the most important terms requires an understanding of intent. If you’re an HVAC company and your website appears on the first page of Google for “How to change my filters,” you probably aren’t targeting the right key terms to rank for. You will generate far more revenue by ranking for terms like “furnace repair company.”

Drive Traffic

Once your website is built, it’s important you drive traffic to it with an SEO firm who understands this all and isn’t going to gouge you. The SEO firm should be focused on getting far more people to click through to your website and purchase or request pricing.

What they suggest will likely include very specific blog posts, displaying ads to people as they navigate the internet, Facebook ads, and more. Stay away from firms who focus on a one size fits all approach to your unique situation. If they can’t share quantifiable evidence to prove their worth, move on.

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